My daughter’s been thinking a lot lately about what to do for college, where to go, how she will pay. She’s been dwelling on all things pertaining to her education future. She wants to make sure that she is covered financially. She is aiming to get a good score on the SAT and looking to CLEP some courses in order to save money and to get a scholarship, if possible. Of course I’m dragged into this futuristic craze with her. I’m the target of many questions, that I love to answer and now I even find myself spending quite a good amount of time “researching.” This is our second year homeschooling so I have lots of questions too. I’m trying to find ways to get her into college and get her some scholarships as well.

The other day while doing my usual research – looking for CLEP materials, the local college requirement for Dual Enrollment and the like – I started thinking about an elderly lady from my church. Let’s call her Nena. She has four sons, one which happens to be my pastor. She is a sweet lady and super affectionate.

I thought, “Wow, Nena raised very successful boys.” See, all of Nena’s boys are professionals of some sort: two doctors, one lawyer and a pastor. As a mother, what a great accomplishment to have your children become professionals in different fields. However, as a Christian, Nena’s has been much more successful because all four of her boys are saved. That’s amazing and God gets all the glory for that!

In the eyes of the world, Nena did a great job raising boys that took their education seriously and wound up pursing professional degrees. But even more so, Nena is successful in the Almighty’s eyes for having been obedient to the Lord in diligently teaching them His word. She could very well have raised them all to be the President of the United States, and that would have been an great feat, but being the President that fears the Lord and has an allegiance to Him, now that’s an incredible accomplishment indeed.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?  Mark 8:36