I want to encourage my children to be the best they can be.

To tap in to their creative side. Quiet the negative voices

trying to pounce on them like a roaring lion seeking to devour

their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

May they learn to silence that oppressive voice.

No, kill it.

For its very existence robs its victim of any God-given talent

and leaves them dejected,

like the disillusioned look in the eyes of many elderly, the ones

abandoned in nursing homes by their families.

Rejected and forgotten.


that is what the negative voice does. It sucks

the life out of you and leaves you hopeless.

Aimlessly roaming the earth with nothing to look forward to,

full of untapped potential.

May they kill that voice now in their youth.

That they may avoid the unfortunate circumstance

that many in their 50s and beyond find themselves

in – – a life of regret – – recalling all the opportunities

they had to make a significant contribution to this world, but

for the sake of instant gratification

forsook the chance

to leave a lasting impression.

They are now just waiting for the time

when they will leave this world and be no more.

But in the meantime,

though the voice has robbed them,

it comes back to assault with deadly blows,

reminding them of their failures, taunting that

their hopes, dreams and aspirations are but a blur, and

keeping them in a state of mind of hopelessness,

when they can but serve as a witness and give

the youth the instrument to kill this foe…


– Ambism ❤

Oh that my children would seek this truth,

hearken to my voice and fear the Lord…

who is the beginning of wisdom!